Jardin de Ninos Estatal Profra. Martha Manriquez Limon  22 Julio 2007

Casey' Place, San Felipe, Baja, California, Mexico

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Photos from San Felipe Los Minitas Kinder, Baja California Mexico   

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To order photos on CD or Printed    E-mail   sun@hughes.net  Or come by  Office Casey's Place Mar y Sol # 8 & Mar de Cortez by the Remax office.. in San Felipe B.C.  We have many more photos of this event that are not on the web site... We include them all on a CD for the same price we use only professional equipment and each photo was shot at 8 / 10.2 mp and are about 3.5 mp each on a disk these photo can be enlarged quite big with good quality.

Enjoy the photos,  have a great day,  Casey Hamlin  

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