This is the 3rd clean up effort this year the last one was on the 4th of February 2008 a group of students from UCLA Navigators An interdenominational, nonprofit organization, The Navigators is dedicated to helping people navigate spiritually, to know Christ and to make Him known as they look to Him and His Word to chart their lives.  We would like to thank the Navigators for all the help cleaning the beach here in San Felipe...  To me this is the way the world should work all the time...

Dear Casey, 

My name is Kelsey Ramos and I traveled with the UCLA Navigators on our spring break trip this past March. 

Thank you so much for your generous hospitality! It was wonderful to meet you and your family. I was so pleasantly surprised by your beautiful, clean, well-stocked accommodations, as the Navigators are used to staying in places far less comfortable than your luxurious condos! 

While we were there, I enjoyed resting. It was such a lovely break from the rigors and fast pace of college life. The sunny porch and roof were the perfect place to curl up with a book and read (which I did – I finished two books!) And the location of our condo was awesome. We definitely took advantage of the beach being right outside our front door. 

The food was delicious. I am originally from Modesto, California, which is in the agricultural part of Northern California and is rich in authentic Mexican food. The food in San Felipe was delicious (and cheap!) and it was so much fun going to all the different restaurants downtown. I love how people from San Felipe have much smaller portion sizes than in America, where we expect such huge amounts of food. I always ate just the right amount of food. 

I also loved the people. I enjoyed talking to Catalina at San Felipe Title Co (the used bookstore downtown), our neighbors around the condo, and the various vendors in the downtown shops. Speaking in Spanish is a treat I don’t get to experience much at UCLA and I think the language is so beautiful. 

We had such a wonderful spring break and it couldn’t have happened without you and your family. Thank you. 

Here are some pictures for you to put on your website! 

Hope to see you again soon! 


Kelsey Ramos

By Kristen Hammel

My name is Kristen Hammel, and I am one of the students who stayed in 
one of your condos during our spring break trip with the Navigators. 
First, I just want to say thank you for providing such wonderful 
accommodations for us. I really enjoyed my time in San Felipe, and I 
hope that I find myself back there at some point.

There are so many good things to say about our trip, but the most 
memorable moment came when my friend Eileen and I were sent on a 
mission to find some sort of remedy for our friend Dustin's stingray 
wound. After we left la farmacia, where I was able to exercise some of 
my limited Spanish speaking skills, we accidentally ran a stop sign. 
At first, I didn't think it would be a big deal, because it seems like 
the traffic laws are a lot looser in Mexico than in the U.S. I didn't 
think anyone would even notice. However, I was very wrong, and a 
moment later we were pulled over by la policia. They took Eileen's 
license, and told us to follow them to the police station. We were 
handed our ticket and told that we needed to pay $130. It took us a 
moment to realize that they had told us the amount in pesos, so we 
only owed 13 U.S. dollars! I couldn't believe how fortunate we were.

Another fond memory was watching the UCLA sweet 16 and elite eight 
basketball games in the condo with my fellow Bruins. I had no idea 
that there would be satellite TV, and I am a huge Bruin supporter, so 
it was a most pleasant surprise to know that I wouldn't be clueless as 
to our tournament fate.

And finally, there was the sunrise. My friend Kelsey and I woke up at 
the wee hours of the morning to catch the sun rising over the Sea of 
Cortez. We're so accustomed to seeing the sun set over the Pacific 
Ocean that it was very strange to see it come up over the water. It 
was beautiful.

I've attached some pictures from our trip. Thanks again for helping to 
make this trip possible for us.

Nice Job on the photos the first six below and the stories...  Casey

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Thank you  Navigators



To the people in your group that helped E-mail your stories and I will be glad to post them here !!!    

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